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Anti vibration pads and materials

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Anti vibration pads and materials

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Anti vibration TICO pad and materials.

We offer anti-vibration pads and noise isolation solutions for many types of industries and with over 60 years experience within this industry, we have been the brand of choice for vibration control. Manufactured from our site in Cornwall U.K., we have been supplying elastomeric attenuation pads and materials across the world. With an on-site laboratory, technical unit and research team, we have been offering unparalleled service and tailored engineered solutions to all aspects of industry.

TICO is the generic brand name for a range of products and pads that are used for a variety of purposes including: machinery mounting, vibration attenuation, plant levelling, pipe supports, movement joints, low friction supports and impact absorption. With a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke manufactured pads and materials, all backed with technical excellence and an assurance of quality, we are able to make recommendations on all vibration and related problems.

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