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2 Part Marine Epoxy adhesive
Seperate the adhesive tins and open
Mix the hardener into the resin
Mix well until colour is consistant
Apply to both the material and surface

Treadmaster 2 Part Epoxy


TREADMASTER 2 Part Epoxy Adhesive 600g. This two part epoxy adhesive is designed to provide excellent bonding properties, particularly in applications with large lateral movements such as TICO Bondslip Pipe Supports.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use with other TICO products
  • Full application details can be found on individual cans
View Marine Epoxy datasheet


View Treadmaster 2 part epoxy MSDS


Application Help

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Existing paint, vanish, waxes, polishes, etc., must be removed. Fiberglass, aluminum and steel surfaces should be lightly abraded with a nylon scouring pad and all dust removed.
  • Prepare the TICO and substraight before mixing the resin. Transfer the contents of container B into container A and mix thoroughly until the colour is consistent throughout the mix.

    Once mixed, the adhesive must be used without delay - under average environmental conditions a pot life of 20 minutes in the tin can be expected. Spreading the adhesive on to a flat plate after mixing will extend the useful pot life by helping to dissipate heat generated by the curing reaction.

    The adhesive should not be used when ambient temperatures are below 10°C or above 30°C.

    Immediately after use, clean tools, mixing vessels, brushes, etc. with methylated spirit
  • Apply adhesive to the underside of the TICO. Position the TICO and apply pressure to consolidate the adhesive layers, ensuring that no air is trapped between the surfaces.

    Excess adhesive should be wiped off promptly with methylated spirit. Depending on environmental conditions the adhesive will begin to set in 2 - 4 hours and full strength will be achieved after 24 hours.
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    More Details

    Treadmaster Epoxy is a two part adhesive - when the two parts are mixed together the adhesive will harden over time. This hardening process is much slower than with a contact adhesive (a pot life of about 1 hour is usual, although this will reduce as the temperature rises); and has a low viscousity allowing much easier movement of the TICO sheets to get an exact position.

    Once the sheets are in position, they should be weighted down in order to hold them in place whilst the adhesive hardens. However, once the adhesive has hardened, the epoxy gives a very strong bond that is only effected by very high temperatures, (significantly above 70°C). This does make removal much more difficult.

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