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Pit Installation

Tico have, for many years, supplied anti vibration material for use in Foundation Inertia Block (pit and plinth) installations across a wide variety of industries and applications.

The main reasons for using a foundation block are to provide additional mass to improve the rigidity of the machine structure and to aid in providing dampening of problem vibrations. A plinth is usually used in lighter machinery and where it is possible and practical to raise the equipment and associated piping / cabling. A pit is generally used for heavier machines.

Tico supply two main products to use in these installations, the choice of which to use will depend upon the type of machine or plant being used and the requirements of the installation. The two products are Tico S/PA and Tico LF/PA.

Tico S/PA is generally used in strip form and is to isolate higher frequency vibrations and provide dampening for lower frequency vibrations. The gaps between the strips are filled with a void filler material, Tico VF/PA.

Tico LF/PA is solely used as discrete pads without a void filler and are to provide isolation for lower frequency vibrations (more information can be found in our product information sheets).

Products Used

High performance anti vibration pad

Tico S/PA

High performance anti vibration material

LF/PA/80 fluted rubber pad, excellent for low frequency properties.

Tico LF/PA/80

Fluted design for low frequency properties

Clip Strip Application

TICO Clip Strips are used as a clamp lining material throughout the world. They are designed to provide attenuation of shock and vibration between the pipe and hangers that can result in excessive noise and fatigue. They also provide a barrier to prevent corrosion due to contact of dissimilar metals through electrolytic action.

They are manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit the most common strap widths and are used within the harshest environments on the planet. With an operating temperature from -50°c up to + 300°c and the option of manufacturing bespoke sizing, then there is an option to suit every requirement.

The unique shoulder design allows for positive location of the clamp and means that once installed that they remain in place and have the ability to deal with lateral pipe movement. The benefits of pipe isolation are huge as it results in reduced maintenance and repair costs and leads to improved productivity and uptime

The clamp strips are extensively used anywhere where pipework is located, particularly on Ship Building, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Hospitals and Industrial Units and Factories.

Products Used

Tico S/CL

Manufactured from our Tico S rubber bonded cork material

Tico HT / CL

Engineered to accommodate higher operating temperatures

Tico VHT / CL

Extruded polymer with a wide operating temperature range