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Frequently asked questions


Does a different thickness Tico pad have a different load bearing capacity?

No, the load bearing capacity of any thickness pad of the same Tico material will remain the same.


Can Tico pads be used outside?

In most cases yes, Tico pads have been developed for use in industrial applications, so have very good resistance to external weather conditions. The one exception to this rule is Tico CF/PA which is designed for internal use (contact us for external use applications).


How long do Tico pads last?

We cannot give any guarantees as to the life expectancy of our materials, but we have been supplying Tico pads for several decades, and would expect that if the pads were used correctly that they’d last for many years.


Can Tico pads be cut and/or drilled?

Yes, we can supply all of our Tico grades cut to size and can also supply them with holes. If slots or chamfers are required, please contact us for further information.
Most Tico grades can be cut to size on site if necessary, please contact us for additional information.


Can Tico pads be glued to concrete / Steel?

Yes, in most instances we would recommend using either Tico Contact S adhesive or Treadmaster Marine Epoxy adhesive. The choice of adhesive would depend upon the application, with either adhesive the most important thing is to ensure that the surface to be bonded has been properly prepared beforehand.