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The Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning industries have long adopted TICO as the Anti-Vibration pad of choice. We design and manufacture off-the-shelf and bespoke Anti-vibration solutions that offer maintenance free, easy installation and effective Vibration control whilst combining with the longevity and service you would expect from Industry leading anti-vibration specialists.

HVAC Applications

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Air Conditioning

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Heat Exchangers

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Tico S/PA

The most commonly used resilient anti-vibration pad for mounting general plant and machinery. Suitable for the majority of applications where ease of installation and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors on installations.

This anti-vibration pad is compatible with all types of machine base - individual feet, cast skirts or flat base. Operational temperature range -40˚C to 100˚C (-40˚F to 212˚F) and a high load bearing capacity covers virtually all mounting applications.

Cross section drawing of anti-vibration pad Tico S/PA


TICO LF/PA pads have excellent low frequency properties due to its fluted rubber construction. The core is sandwiched between layers of cork not only to facilitate bonding of the pads into position but also allowing, in certain applications, concrete to be poured directly on top of them.

Cross section drawing of anti-vibration pad Tico S/PA


TICO CF/PA pads are composed of a micro cellular rubber sponge with upper and lower surfaces of geotextile fabric which protect the rubber and facilitate bonding. There are two versions of TICO CF/PA catering for different load ranges. These can be supplied as either a single or double layer:-

Cross section drawing of anti-vibration pad Tico S/PA