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Anti vibration TICO pad LF/PA/10

Anti Vibration Pad TICO Pad LF/PA/10

TICO LF/PA/10 anti vibration pads have a fluted rubber construction which gives the pads excellent low frequency properties. The core is sandwiched between layers of cork not only to facilitate bonding of the pads into position but also allowing, in certain applications, concrete to be poured directly on top of them.

Key Features:

  • Engineered low stiffness rubber core with flat bonding faces
  • Capable of isolating very low frequencies
  • Can be fixed with TICO adhesives
  • No bolting, no moving parts to fail
  • Long service life and maintenance free
  • Simple to install

Typical Applications

  • Air conditioning plant
  • Boiler plant
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Test equipment
  • Instrumentation situated near sources of vibration
  • Isolated inertia blocks
  • Small, lightweight units e.g. pumps
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Inspection equipment
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    More Details

    Whilst TICO S/PA anti-vibration pads have excellent vibration attenuating properties, there are certain applications where a very high degree of isolation is required – in particular, applications where the frequency of the disturbing vibration is very low. In addition there are some vibration critical applications where the plant is lightweight and the required performance cannot be achieved with TICO S (which is most effective under higher loads). TICO LF/PA/10 anti-vibration pad has been specifically designed to give excellent low frequency vibration isolation.

    There are two versions of TICO LF/PA catering for different load ranges. These can be supplied as either a single or double layer:-

    1. TICO LF/PA/10 Anti Vibration Pad - Load bearing capacity 0.07 MN/m² (~7 tons per square metre). Offset flutes on either side of the pad.

    2. TICO LF/PA/80 Anti Vibration Pad - Load bearing capacity 0.7 MN/m² (~70 tons per square metre). Aligned flutes on either side of pad.

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