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As the manufacturer of the TICO Anti-vibration range of products we are able to assist OEM’s with bespoke and unique anti-vibration requirements. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities means we can undertake almost any specific requirement for TICO pads including rubber to metal bonding, CNC routering, water jet cutting and producing pads to specific load, sheer and compressibility requirements.

We operate an extensive Research & Development team who along with our TICO Engineers are able to work with you to provide the most cost efficient and effective solution.










TICO Z/PA is an anti vibration pad made of elastomer composite, based on polychloroprene rubber enhanced with the inclusion of cork. This pad is suitable for a wide range of medium stress bearing applications.

view anti vibration pad Z/PA


The most commonly used resilient anti-vibration pad for mounting general plant and machinery. Suitable for the majority of applications where ease of installation and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors on installations.

This anti-vibration pad is compatible with all types of machine base - individual feet, cast skirts or flat base. Operational temperature range -40˚C to 100˚C (-40˚F to 212˚F) and a high load bearing capacity covers virtually all mounting applications.

Cross section drawing of anti-vibration pad Tico S/PA


Originally developed to absorb shock loads under drop hammer anvils, replacing timber packings which would break down unevenly over time and cause the anvil to take on an uneven set. It can also be used as a heavy-duty machinery mounting pad to reduce vibration from large plant, acting as a heavy duty buffer.

view anti vibration pad PF/PA


High load-bearing pad material. Plies of synthetic rubber proofed cotton with interplies of neoprene rubber, modified with cellular particles. One side is faced with a thin layer of rubber bonded cork material to absorb irregularities in the concrete surface.