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TICO is supplied extensively into the power industry to reduce structural noise and vibration from transformers and generators. Our extensive and versatile product range including TICO pads, collars and washers, means that we can cover almost all vibration problems.

We also have experience of wind power and isolating these from adjacent building and properties and our technical teams are available to discuss in detail the solutions we can offer.



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Tico Z/PA is an anti vibration pad made of elastomer composite, based on polychloroprene rubber enhanced with the inclusion of cork. This pad is suitable for a wide range of medium stress bearing applications.

view anti vibration pad Z/PA

Tico S/PA

The most commonly used resilient anti-vibration pad for mounting general plant and machinery. Suitable for the majority of applications where ease of installation and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors on installations.

This anti-vibration pad is compatible with all types of machine base - individual feet, cast skirts or flat base. Operational temperature range -40˚C to 100˚C (-40˚F to 212˚F) and a high load bearing capacity covers virtually all mounting applications.

Cross section drawing of anti-vibration pad Tico S/PA

Pipe Supports

Deep Water Exploration and production in hostile environments demands the highest quality equipment. That equipment is only as good as the component parts from which it is built, when Tiflex worked with leading offshore specifiers to develop an isolated pipe hanger this philosophy was our starting point.

Clip Strips

Utilising our TICO materials and drawing on many years of experience in the design of load bearing elastomeric components, we have designed this range of products to provide the highest level of shock and vibration isolation between pipe-work and hanger. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, TICO Clip Strips provide an effective and economical answer to the problem of pipe isolation and anti-vibration.

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes TICO Clip Strip provides an effective and economical answer to the problem of pipe isolation.