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Levelling Mount TICO S/AD

TICO Adjustamounts (levelling mounts) are specially designed for mounting machines and structures where accurate levelling is of prime importance, and where slight additional height is required.

Key Features:

  • Accurate and rapid height adjustment and levelling
  • TICO resilient insert virtually eliminates floor damage
  • Low profile for minimum additional height
  • Will also fit many existing levelling studs on plant
  • Wide range to suit many applications and loads

Standard Stock Sizes

Part No. Base
Stud size
& length
TF-040111 65 12.5 (1/2") M10 x 90 35
TF-040227 110 12.5 (1/2") M12 x 140 44.5
TF-040243 110 12.5 (1/2") M16 x 180 47.5
TF-040510 180 12.5 (1/2") M16 x 180 54
TF-040537 180 12.5 (1/2") M20 x 190 57
Part No. Drawing code Quantity Max load (kg)
TF-040111 JW61-2-2 4 135
TF-040227 JW61-4-2 4 450
TF-040243 JW61-4-4 4 450
TF-040510 JW61-7-2 2 1350
TF-040537 JW61-7-4 2 1350

*Stated loads are per individual mount

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More Details

Where accuracy of plant height, gradient or level is important, TICO Adjustamounts (levelling mounts) provide efficient precision mounting. Swift screw adjustment plus the advantages of TICO resilient inserts, make them popular for mounting any freestanding equipment. This full mounting kit comprises of a circular base plate with a resilient insert bonded in the recessed underside, complete with machine levelling stud and associated nuts and washers for immediate installation. TICO levelling mounts can be fitted with other grades of TICO resilient inserts for special duties.

The base plate is a polished nickel coated mild steel with a TICO S/PA resilient insert bonded in the recessed underside. A tapped hole at centre of the top surface holds the levelling stud. This metric-threaded steel stud passes through a clearance hole in the equipment being mounted. Nuts and washers above and below the clearance hole allow height to be precision adjusted with ease. The result is a secure and stable mounting - with a high coefficient of friction - which usually needs no other fixing to prevent lateral movement on horizontal surfaces.

TICO S/CB/AD Adjustamount is a modified base plate for use with existing levelling studs on plant. It has the circular base described above, but with a plastic-coated steel adaptor screwed into its stud hole. A dimple recess in the adaptor accepts a levelling stud of M16 or less.

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